The second of the seven cooperative principles is Democratic member control. Co-op membership elect their leaders, (trustees), who collectively make decisions. Unfortunately, while this is a great principle, if the election to the Co-op board is uncontested, as was the case, two and three years ago, democracy can’t work. Or just may be, you’re all really happy with our Socorro, Electric Cooperative and therefore, a change isn’t required.

In a survey by the Socorro Electric Co-op in 2018, 60 percent of members supported renewable energy, but that has yet to happen. So, if you pay a SEC electric bill, live in Magdalena, district 2, or Socorro, district 3, you have only till the end of January to submit your name for a run for the co-op board. Hopefully in April, we will have a choice, a democracy.

Ward B. McCartney III


Ward B. McCartney