While Magdalena still falls in the 49th District, the redrawn House map puts the city of Socorro into District 38, which also extends as far south as part of the greater Las Cruces area.
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Both the state Senate and House redistricting maps for New Mexico have been approved by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, which means Socorro County’s representation in Santa Fe will be remarkably different, most notably on the Senate map and somewhat on the House map.

This map details the dividing line between the 35th and 29th Senate districts within Socorro’s city limits.

In Socorro, the street on which you live dictates who will appear on your ballot for state senator and representative in the next election cycle.

Overall, the county will, at first glance, be represented by three state senators and three state representatives.

On the house side, Gail Armstrong will no longer represent the City of Socorro, although she will still serve much of the county, and Magdalena.

As for the Senate, Siah Correa Hemphill’s District 28 will no longer include the City of Socorro or Magdalena.

“Senate District 28 changes are quite significant. (The new district) pushed me south,” Correa Hemphill said. “I will have new counties to represent including Luna County, Hidalgo County and most of Grant County.”

Socorro County will be divided into Senate districts 29, 30 and 35.

Socorro County precincts 4 through 6, 11 through 14, and 26 will fall under Senate District 35.

Socorro County precincts 1 through 3, 7 through 10, 16 through 23, 25, and 27 will fall under Senate district 29.

The redrawn 35th Senate District includes all or parts of six counties: Socorro, Catron, Sierra, Grant, Luna and Dona Ana, while putting part of the city of Socorro in the 29th Senate District.

The dividing line between Senate district 29 and district 35 cuts through the middle of the city of Socorro; north and south of Otero to California to Abeya to Baca, to the west side of the Plaza, to Park Street, then west on Spring Street to Highway 60.

Magdalena falls into district 35. The northwestern part of Socorro County falls under senate District 30. Senate District 29 will also take in a good chunk of Belen.

On the House side, the county will be split into three House districts; 6, 38 and 49.

The entirety of the City of Socorro falls into House district 38, Magdalena falls into House district 49, and Alamo into House district 6.

Socorro County precincts 1 through 8, 10, 11, 17, and 18 will fall in district 38

Socorro County precincts 9, 12 through 14, 16 and 19 through 27 will fall into district 49.

“The district I represent right now is about 60 percent Democrat and I love my district, but my new one will be 60 percent Republican,” Armstrong said.

“With redistricting, I lose the City of Socorro and the City of Belen but will still have Magdalena. I will lose a little bit of Catron County but will gain half of Sierra County and Truth or Consequences, and I gain some of Los Lunas, and now I go almost all the way to Mountainair.”

The new districts will become effective with the next election cycle.