socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

Apr. 16

A woman reported to a police officer at 1 p.m. that she had been threatened and battered by the male suspect. She said when he picked her up from work four days ago, he was agitated over another male being in the office where she was working. She said he confronted her, telling her the other male wanted to have sex with her. The two were in the Walmart parking lot speaking with their daughter, when the suspect continued to verbally abuse the victim, calling her names. The victim said she was seated in the passenger seat with the door open when the suspect walked over to the passenger side and threw the keys to the vehicle at her face, but she put her arm up just in time and blocked the keys. The daughter stood in between to separate them and the suspect left. The victim said she returned home to Lemitar, but continued to receive threatening messages from him throughout the night. He then showed up in his underwear and threw a BBQ grill into a window and left. On this date, the suspect was texting and calling, still making threats, and asking for some of his belongings. The victim gathered his belongings from the home and brought them to him at a local hotel, where the suspect was apologizing for his behavior. When the victim told him to remove all of his belongings, he became angry and told her he was going to get a TV and throw it on her car. When the suspect went upstairs to his hotel room she left the parking lot. The victim said she was then notified by her employer that the suspect came to the office and threw the belongings in the parking lot and was yelling and cursing. The officer was shown a message the suspect sent the victim, with clothes in a parking lot. The message read, “the war is on.” The officer obtained an arrest warrant for the suspect and he was located in another motel and arrested. The suspect argued he did not hurt the victim and had left the home to stay at a hotel.

An officer following up on a CPS report for children not attending school was assured by the guardian at 1 p.m. that the children have been attending school in person and the guardian makes sure the children get to school and are picked up after school.

Officers were called at 3:10 p.m. to the vacant Sands Motel where the fire department was extinguishing a fire. A witness told officers a suspect was seen leaving and was down the street. The suspect was identified and was known to frequent the vacant hotel. The suspect was questioned days later and denied any involvement in the fire.

An officer contacted the suspect at Red Roof Inn at 5 p.m. due to a valid arrest warrant. The suspect was placed under arrest and processed at the Socorro Police Department and was later booked into the SCDC.

Apr. 17

Police responded at 12:09 p.m. to an apartment on Walkway where the caller said the female she was the caretaker for was acting out by putting up cross-shaped items everywhere and throwing food around the home. The caller asked that the female be taken to the hospital for an evaluation. The caller was asked if the female was suicidal or homicidal and she said the female was not. The officer met with the female and asked her if she wanted to hurt herself or others. The female said she did not. Then the female asked if the officer had a warrant to be in the home. The officer did not and the female asked the officer to leave. The officer documented the incident.

Officers on patrol caught sight of a suspect urinating in view of the public behind a building in the 100 block of Manzanares. As the officers were contacting the suspect, the suspect still had his privates out and urinating. The suspect was cited into court and told to leave the area.

A woman on Harold Drive told police at 8:10 a.m. the female suspect was a suspect in the theft of a handgun. The victim said she had been talking with the suspect to try and get the gun returned. The suspect had called the victim and began yelling and making threats to beat her up, telling the victim to leave her alone. The officer was provided with messages related to the theft of the gun and was able to contact the suspect. The suspect claimed the victim was accusing her of taking a gun and would not stop contacting the. The suspect said she did tell the victim to leave her alone.

Officers were called at 9:45 a.m. to a home on Cuba Road for someone breaking a window. The victim told the officers the suspect threw a medication bottle through the window. The officer was shown the broken window and a pill bottle outside the window. The broken window was for the room where the suspect stays. The officer contacted the suspect at his room door but he would not let officers into the room. After the suspect was asked several times to open the door completely, the officer pushed open the door with some resistance from the suspect. He was asked to exit the room and speak with the officers, but he declined at first but later complied. He admitted to throwing the pill bottle at the window. The suspect was told he was being placed under arrest, but refused to be handcuffed and stood against a wall. The officer had to go hands-on to place the suspect in handcuffs. The suspect was escorted outside where he refused to enter the patrol car. He was finally talked into entering the car and taken to Socorro General Hospital for medical clearance. The suspect was later booked SCDC.

Officers checking the vacant Sands Motel located a small baggie with pills in a vacant room. The pills were seized for destruction. Two subjects were located in another room and trespassed from the property.

Officers were called at 1:04 p.m. to the scene of a fight in the 500 block of Spring Street. As the officers were arriving a male was seen running from the area. He was stopped and asked about the incident. The suspect said he left the home after being threatened by the caller and the victim to have other family members come and beat him up. The officer escorted the suspect back to the home and met with the caller and the victim. The caller explained a niece called and told the caller the suspect was beating up the victim. The caller said she arrived and did see the suspect strike the victim at least once. The officer met with the victim said she was talking with the suspect and asking him not to have her brother around because he uses drugs. She said she was getting ready to leave when the suspect began an argument with her and pushed her into the door causing her to fall. The suspect then kicked her in the stomach and the face. The victim did have a visible mark on her face. The officer met with a child witness who saw the suspect strike the victim. The suspect was placed under arrest, processed, and booked into the SCDC.

An officer on patrol at 8:29 p.m. pulled over the suspect at California and Bullock for an equipment violation. During the traffic stop, the officer noticed a handgun on the center console and asked for the handgun to be removed for safety. The driver agreed and as the handgun was being turned over the officer then observed drug paraphernalia in the vehicle and asked for consent to search the vehicle. Consent was given and the officer had the passenger exit the vehicle. The officer completed a search of the vehicle and located a pill bottle with methamphetamine in the bottle. The passenger claimed ownership and admitted the substance was methamphetamine. As the officer was checking the firearm he noted there was no serial number as it had been removed. The officer contacted an on-call ADA and staffed the case. The officer was advised to seize the handgun and release the driver. The passenger was arrested and taken to the police department. The officer field-tested the narcotics and received a positive for methamphetamine. The suspect was processed and booked SCDC.

Apr. 18

Officers were called at 1:15 a.m. to an apartment complex on Walkway for a subject screaming and running around the apartments. The officers arrived and located the suspect’s door open. The officer met with the suspect, who was checked through NCIC and was shown to have a valid arrest warrant. The suspect was arrested and the apartment manager was called in to secure the apartment. The suspect was processed and booked into SCDC.

A victim on Mt. Carmel reported at 9:59 p.m. of being gone from the home for a short time, and upon returning noticing the home was broken into and items were thrown around. The victim said medical records and bank records were taken from a drawer. The victim was advised to close their bank account and monitor their credit. At this time there are no suspects.

A caller reported at 8:30 a.m. that someone turned off the main power switch to the Chevron station on S. California overnight. No items were damaged at the gas station, and the officer was advised the same thing happened at the Arby’s next door. The officer met with the manager of the restaurant who said $90 worth of roast beef was ruined. A crew from Socorro Electric Cooperative arrived at the scene to check the main breaker box and it was determined the breakers were turned off overnight. The officer advised both business managers to try and secure the panels with a lock or chain to prevent someone from tampering with the electric boxes.

Apr. 19

A victim reported at 6 p.m the female suspect and another male had taken jewelry from their vehicle in the 300 block of McCutcheon. The victim gave the name of the female suspect but

did not know who the male was. The value of the property taken was $2,000 and the victim provided a list of stolen items to an assisting officer. The officer was advised that the suspect named by the victim has been in jail since February 27, 2021.

A caller reported at 7:06 a.m. that he found a door open to a vacant home in the 400 block of N. Sixth Street. The caller said no one lives in the home and the owners live in Albuquerque. The officer checked the home and did not locate anyone in the home. The suspects are not known at this time.

An officer was called at 9:17 a.m. to the Probation and Parole Office for someone with an arrest warrant. The officer confirmed the warrant and placed the suspect under arrest. The suspect was taken to the police department for processing and later booked into the SCDC.

An officer was called at 11:19 a.m. to the Probation and Parole Office for the suspect with an arrest warrant. The officer confirmed the warrant and made the arrest. The suspect was taken to Socorro General Hospital for medical clearance, but as the suspect was being seen the officer was called out of the hospital for a priority call. The suspect was released from custody on the warrant. The probation office was contacted and the warrant was re-entered by the originating agency.

Officers were advised by mental health office staff at 1:21 p.m. of a male being suicidal. The officers were provided with a phone number that was used to make the phone call. The officers were provided with a phone number for the caller. The phone number was registered to a female and a work address was found. The officers were able to identify the male and complete a house check. The male was upset over a neighbor having sewage leaking. He said he was not suicidal and only wanted the problem fixed. The officer completed a house check the following day with CYFD. The male contacted his girlfriend who arrived and the house check was completed.