February 24, 1972

LOMA THEATER SHOWING Entertainment at its Best. Nightly 7 and 9:30 “The Andromeda Strain”

Sun-Mon-Tues-Continuous Sun. Double Science Fiction Suspense. Rated G “War Between the Planets”

February 29, 1972

A FIRE FIGHTING demonstration was an exciting end to a five-week training session. The demonstration fire took place on Blue Canyon Road. A huge pile of old tires drenched in oil and gasoline was set aflame. The blaze was absolutely tremendous, and the searing heat drove back spectators standing 40ft away. Shooting flames stretched high above the burning pile. Lighting up the scene in flickering orange. Mountainous clouds of black and gray smoke, white steam and glowing sparks filled the sky. Firefighting training sessions of this nature teach the new men how to handle hoses and equipment, how to work as a team, but most importantly how to have confidence in their equipment and themselves.

A THREE-STORY rock sample library is under construction at New Mexico Tech near Workman Center. The building will be used to store and file the burgeoning collections of rock cuttings kept by the Bureau of Mines. These rock chips include samples from oil and gas well drilled all over the state as well as samples from geophysical explorations.

February 26, 1997

A CITY EMERGENCY medical technician was injured Sunday night after a car collided with an ambulance at the California/Manzanares intersection. The ambulance received major damage. The ambulance, which had its sirens and lights on, was travelling south and transporting a patient. According to the report, the ambulance ran a red light. Although the ambulance was en route to an emergency, the only time an ambulance can run a red light is if an intersection is clear.

POOL TABLES at Video Tyme are a welcome addition, said the store owner on Sunday. Along with pool, there are video games, a jukebox, and lots of snacks available. Leo Rosas has rules posted on a wall. Everybody knows that disruptive behavior won’t be tolerated. Many adults and their young children also come to play.

BINGO AT SAN MIGUEL PARISH HALL every Sunday at 2 and Tuesday at 7 p.m.

BHASKER MEDICAL CLINIC has met all criteria for accreditation by the Commission on Office Laboratories (COLA). To qualify, a facility must apply rigid standards of quality in day-to-day operations, demonstrate continued accuracy in the performance of proficiency testing, and pass a rigorous on-site laboratory survey.

February 25, 2012

THE U.S. POSTAL service announced Thursday that the mail processing operation at the Socorro Post Office will be consolidated to Albuquerque at some point after May 15. Socorro Postmaster said, “They are not doing away with the post office. It will mean all our mail processing will go to Albuquerque-it will no longer be done locally. Socorro may not see a difference as 80 to 90 percent of mail is already processed in Albuquerque.”

February 29, 2012

SOCORRO COUNTY CHAMBER of Commerce hosts a red-carpet event. More than 230 people walked the red carpet for this year’s Academy Awards-themed Socorro County Chamber of Commerce Community Awards Banquet. Theresa Rosales was named Woman of the Year and was escorted to the show by her husband Tommy. Dennis Walsh was announced as Man of the Year. Both accepted Oscar-like awards at the Bodega Burger Co., where the awards show was being held.

MAGDALENA HIGH SCHOOL boys basketball team is back in the NMAA state tournament, earning the 11th seed in this year’s Class 2A tourney. The Steers (18-10) will travel to Santa Fe on Saturday to play a first-round game against sixth-seeded Santa Fe Prep (22-6). Should the Steers get by the Blue Griffith’s, they’ll advance to the quarterfinals against the winner of the game between third-seeded Mora and 14th-seeded Dulce at Bernalillo High School on Wednesday, Mar. 7.

Compiled by Denise Ortega