Compiled by Denise Ortega

AUGUST 22, 1972

MIKE MARTINEZ JR. completed his basic training at Ft. Polk, La. Now he has gone to El Paso for his Advance Individual Training with the local National Guard unit. Martinez won over two medals for Sharp Shooter with the M 16 rifle. He is a graduate of Socorro High School class of 1972. Mike was a member of the Karate Assn., where he was a black belt and has assisted the Karate group that teaches at New Mexico Tech.

F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Back to School Sale at Allen’s Department Store

  • Boy’s Pants- Buy one and get one free
  • Men’s Pants- Buy one and get 2nd free
  • Ladies Cotton Shorts- Buy one and get one free
  • Boy’s Long Sleeves and Short Sleeves 3 for $5.00
  • Boy’s Shoes $4.97
  • Boy’s Harnes Boots $5.97

AUGUST 24, 1972

OUTSTANDING GOLFER. This weekend 16-year old Nancy Romero won the State Women’s Golf Tournament at the Las Cruces Country Club, winding up a great season. She handily won the Junior City Tournament; then the Junior State Tournament; the Women’s City Tournament and now the “whole thing.” The first match she won 4-2 over Gertrude Kretek, the second 3-2 over Geraldine Kretek. Nancy’s third match with medalist Donna Sauve was the hardest to win. Nancy is very modest about her gold. “I was just happy to get in the semi-finals.”

AUGUST 20, 1997

LIQUOR LICENSE. A plan to serve liquor at the New Mexico Tech Golf Course received the City of Socorro’s blessing Monday night. Councilors voted 6-0 in favor of a preliminarily approved liquor license for the golf course.  The plan is to serve beer and wine at a new snack bar. When built, the snack bar will serve fast food items such as hamburgers. Russ Moore said profits from the liquor license will benefit community youth programs.

SOCORRO’S NEWEST PARK, the Socorro Riverine Park, will be officially opened on Saturday with a ceremony starting at 10:30 a.m. The area is north of Otero Street at the Rio Grande. The park consists of four sites which are the Confluence, Bosque, Sandbar and Island, connected with trails. The grand opening ceremony will begin at the site farthest north, the Confluence, and then move to the Bosque site.

 AUGUST 22, 2012

A WOMAN was taken to the emergency room on Tuesday afternoon after the vehicle she was operating crashed into a building on California Street. Kelby Stephens said he heard a large crash and knew what it was. Stephens owns the building at 911 N. California, and works at Socorro Physical Therapy, the unit attached directly to the one the unidentified woman crashed into. He was in back with some patients at the time of the accident, and said he heard tires squealing after the initial wreck, so he got his patients out right away. Stephens rushed to help the woman out of her vehicle, and said she was shaking violently. He described her as frantic and said she knew who she was, but not where she was.

ELINOR TRIPP turned 100 on Aug. 18. She was born in Marshall, Colo., south of Boulder. In 1963, her family moved to Socorro and opened a jewelry store in the La Villa shopping center, and moved twice to the Bangerter Building, and then to the adobe plaza shopping center. She operated the jewelry store until 2007. To celebrate her 100th birthday, she and other residents at Good Samaritan enjoyed cake.