Complied by Denise Ortega

JULY 17, 1973

Gabaldon Center construction.

NEW SHOPPING CENTER is being planned for Socorro. Construction of the foundation is already underway, with the Gabaldon crew making marked strides day by day which promise the finished facility available in July. George Gabaldon, when contacted, said that one of the shops will feature men’s clothes. The site fronts on California and runs parallel to Faulkner.

ERIK’S T.V. Sales and Service, 120 Plaza

  • New Color TV’s as low as $301.46
  • Stereo’s as low as $40.00
  • B&W TV’s as low as $84.56
  • Radios-Table and Portable Models also available

JULY 19, 1973

Bill Garcia at the site.

BILL GARCIA, manager of the Regional Mountain Bell office, is holding blueprint plans of the new telephone plant-construction warehouse now under construction north of town. The building will cost an estimated $155,000 and will provide office and storage space for the plant and construction departments. Presently the construction is handled out of the Belen office. Once this building is complete, however, the advantages of having a construction crew here in Socorro will greatly facilitate the telephone needs of this community, Garcia says. Completion of the building is set around August 15.

JULY 15, 1998

THE SOCORRO COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT instituted a new tougher hiring process when it considered applicants for three newly created positions. The department administered an academic and physical test that whittled 12 applicants down to six finalists. Sheriff Lesmen Torres said the test is similar to other nationwide entrance exams used by most law enforcement agencies. But using the entrance exam is a first for the sheriff’s department here. Torres said the academic portion takes about two hours and tests for common-sense skills. The physical section tests assets, such as agility, to determine the applicant’s suitability for the rigors of law enforcement work. The qualifications for the test are set forth by the State Law Enforcement Academy in Santa Fe.



  • Fri- Thur. 6:45 and 8:40 p.m.
  • Sat. Sun Matinee 1 p.m.

All Seats $3.50

JULY 18, 2013

Adam Paz

ADAM PAZ left for the Down Under Track and Field Meet in Brisbane, Australia on June 30, and came home with two silver medals and the experience of a lifetime. Paz placed second out of 12 competitors in the long jump, with a 6.21 meter jump (20 feet); he also took second in the triple jump against 10 competitors from such places as Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the United States. Paz had a jump of about 44 feet in the triple jump. In addition, to adding two silver medals to his collection of triumphs from his high school jumping career, Paz had the opportunity to see sights around Brisbane and Sydney and to make several new friends.

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