Warrior Talk host Moises Castillo and Socorro trisport athlete Faith Lucero talk sports at the Que Suave Cafe.
Russell Huffman | El Defensor Chieftain

The first episode of Moises Castillio’s Warrior Talk went off without a hitch as the podcast focused on the past and the future of Socorro High School sports at Que Suave Cafe on August 4.

Featuring incoming senior Faith Lucero and his father, Moises Castillo Sr., Warrior Talk’s inaugural broadcast allowed listeners the opportunity to see what’s happening in Socorro sports.

“I loved getting interviewed. I love talking about sports. I love talking about Socorro, and I had so much fun. Can’t wait for the next one,” Lucero said. “Warrior Talk means a lot to me because to have someone like Moises be so supportive and who wants to get Socorro sports out there. Wanting to get more people involved with it is great.”

Castillo never missed a beat despite it being his first live show and acting as his own producer and board operator. Warrior Talk aims to excite people about their local sports teams and provide insight into some insider things, like how Lucero got involved in sports.

“My mom kind of just put me in sports. She just kind of forced it well, not forced, but just kind of made me try anything I could, and I’m really glad she did,” Lucero said. That’s how I made friends. That’s how I met a lot of family. That’s how I connected with the community, and so she really just sprung it on me when I was little, and I just seemed to adapt to it. It’s done me good so far. I mean, that’s my life.”

As a three-sport athlete participating in soccer, basketball, and track, Lucero stays busy during the year, and the 2023-24 sports seasons will be her last in high school. She revealed what she’s most looking forward to this year.

“Homecoming is my favorite time of the year. It’s a holiday for me. It’s my personal holiday. Homecoming is just it. In Powderpuff last year, I was a little hurt, and we lost to the seniors because we were juniors,” Lucero said. We were talking very highly of ourselves, but what was one practice we had? We made it to the championship. Alana (Romero) and I are best friends, and we’re playing against each other, and I see her across the field, and we’re just, you know, we’re going at it, and we’re just talking back and forth.”

From her favorite moments in school to Lucero’s hopes for soccer, Castillo provided an exciting segment of questions for his first student guest.

“I want to have an enjoyable season. That’s what I’m really looking forward to. I want these girls to have fun, and I want them to stick to it all the way to their senior year,” Lucero said. “I don’t want them to think like, oh, I have to win, or someone will be mad at me. I just really want them to enjoy it. Enjoy the sport of soccer.”

Warrior Talk kicked off with Castillo’s father as the first guest, and Dad beamed with pride as he carefully listened to questions and provided some fascinating tales about being an “old school” athlete.

One story focused on a dog pile during a football game where in a moment of fury Castillo Sr. decided to be a little overly aggressive in what was referred to as a game where a lot of dirty moves were going on. It was also an instant karma moment.

“I step on this poor guy’s hand. And I’m feeling good about myself. Like, I got one of these dudes, right? And we get back to the huddle. And my man Allen over there holding his hand talking about somebody stepped on my hand,” Castillo Sr. said.

Telling the whole story here will take away from the opportunity to hear some of the humor involved during the podcast, but after hearing his father tell many stories over the years, Castillo certainly has the inside scoop about the Warriors’ rich sports history.

Intending to promote the athletes in his community, Castillo will be bringing more guests to his podcast every week. Despite the pressure of a first-time live broadcast Castillo was happy with the show.

“It’s surprisingly hard to keep everything from getting out of wack in your head as a first-time interviewer but keeping it real was pretty easy, being that it felt like more of a conversation than anything,” he said.

Warrior Talk is broadcast live on Fridays at 4:30 at Que Suave Cafe, and recordings are available on Spotify, and future video broadcasts will be available on YouTube.

The public is invited to the free weekly broadcast.