A good time was had by all at the 67th annual Catron County Fair held August 25th-27th.  Events ranged from Junior Livestock shows, PeeWee shows, to indoor exhibits, to Rodeos and a Horse Show.  There was a goat roping held on Saturday after a very well-attended Junior Livestock Auction.  The BBQ this year was donated by Williams Ranch Supply.   The fairboard would like to thank all the numerous donors, buyers, volunteers, and exhibitors that showed up to make this a huge success.  Here are the 2022 Champions:

Champion Livestock:

Steers:  Grand Champion: Shaylee Padilla

Reserve Champion: Taylor McQueen

Senior Showman:   Shaylee Padilla

Junior Showman:  Taylor McQueen

Senior Herdsman:  Shaylee Padilla

Junior Herdsman:  Taylor McQueen

Heifers: Grand Champion:  Taylor McQueen

Reserve Champion:  Adriana Hood

County Bred Beef:   Grand Champion:  Shaylee Padilla-  Breeder: Tommy Padilla/911 Land & Cattle Co

Market Goats:  Grand Champion:  Levi Becker

Reserve Champion: Zaine Finch

Senior Showman:  Zaine Finch

Junior Showman: Caleb Becker

Senior Herdsman:  Berta Alguire

Junior Herdsman:  Caleb Becker

County Bred Goats:  Grand Champion: Berta Alguire – Breeder:  Steve and Holly Jensen

Dairy Goats: Grand Champion:  Jason Clark

Senior Showman: Berta Alguire

Junior Showman:  Nickson Deratany

Market Swine:  Grand Champion: Weston Carver

Reserve Champion:  Aiden Stauffer

Senior Showman: Blaze Barnett

Junior Showman:  Weston Carver

Cross Breed Champion: Easton Merrill

Cross Breed Reserve:  Hunter McQueen

Hampshire Breed Champion: Weston Carver

Hampshire Breed Reserve:  Blaze Barnett

Other Pure Breed Champion: Aiden Stauffer

Other Pure Breed Reserve:  Blaze Barnett

Senior Herdsman: Samuel Finch

Junior Herdsman: Weston Carver

Market Lamb:  Grand Champion: Audie Finch

Reserve Champion:  Zaine Finch

Senior Showman: Zaine Finch

Junior Showman: Audie Finch

Senior Herdsman:  Nathan Jensen

Junior Herdsman: Owen Finch

County Bred Lamb:  Grand Champion:  Juliette Baldridge- Breeder: Shilow and Sarah Norton

Market Trio Poultry:  Grand Champion:  Berta Alguire

Reserve Champion:  Berta Alguire

Breeding Chicken:  Grand Champion:  Kaiser McCoy

Reserve Champion:  Janie Donaldson

Rabbit:  Grand Champion:  Benjamin Stieg

Reserve Champion:  Samuel Donaldson

Exhibit Hall Champions:

Quilts:  Grand Champion:  Jeanette Jackson

Reserve Champion: Shirley Swapp

Fiber Arts:  Grand Champion: Sarah Rodger

Reserve Champion:  Erin Witham

Crafts:  Grand Champion: Michael Alguire

Reserve Champion: Wayne Applegate

Baked Goods:  Grand Champion: Hope Bennett

Reserve Champion:  Cindy Howell

Food Preparation:  Grand Champion:  Cindy Howell

Reserve Champion: Sue Pennington

Art:  Grand Champion:  Sarah Nicholds

Reserve Champion:  Alex Smith

People’s Choice Photography:  Cathy Sohrenssen

People’s Choice Art:  Sarah Nicholds

Best of Show:  Kian McKeen

Sale Ring Cake:  Grand Champion:  Kreeden Norton

Horse Show

High Point

8&under – Bo McQueen

9-11 – Wyatt Schmid

12-13 – Taylor McQueen

14-19 – Abby Dirmeyer

Adult (20&over) – Jesse Dirmeyer

4-H Novice – Ben Stieg

Junior Rodeo

All Around Cowgirl 6&Under – Kaydyn Topmiller

All Around Cowboy 6&Under – Bo McQueen

All Around Cowgirl 7-10 – Breely Green

All Around Cowboy 7-10 – Quade Topmiller

All Around Cowgirl 11-14 – Ruby Jacobs

All Around Cowboy 11-14 – Cade Lee

All Around Cowgirl 15-18 – Joely Westbrook

No All Around for Cowboy 15-18.

Ranch Rodeo Winners:  1st Place- Bunny Ranch

2nd Place- Hat Creek Cattle Co

3rd Place- The Goods

Chieftain Staff Report