Senior Center Drivers deliver over 200 meals for Thanksgiving.

The Socorro Senior Center hosted a Thanksgiving lunch on Tuesday that encouraged seniors to bring a guest. For Linda Mares, Senior Center site manager, it was important for the seniors to not only have a hot meal but to share a meal with friends and family.

Nevah Torres

“We want them to bring someone to eat with and we want to bring our seniors together with their families and the community,” said Mares.
With about one hundred meals served on Tuesday, 159 were delivered to seniors in Socorro and 44 were taken to seniors in the Veguita area. The kitchen crew put in a lot of preparation to make the 300 plus meals and the drivers helped pack up and get the meals to the homebound. The kitchen crew started cooking turkeys on Monday morning but made the rest of the fixings morning of the meal so it could be as fresh as possible .

“ I want to thank our employees for all their hard work and dedication to making this meal special for our seniors,” said Mares. “I applaud them for all their hard work every day.”

Mares is also thankful to the local Food Pantry who sponsored this year’s Thanksgiving lunch.

“We are blessed to have community support,” said Mares “We can’t thank them enough for always supporting us.”

Ashley Lower checks on the turkeys


Jessica Carranza Pino, Editor