Jeff Heit, Guzman’s Principle Managing Director, cited a miscommunication between Guzman Energy and Socorro Electric Co-operative for their nonattendance to the special meeting February 16.

“The missed meeting was simply a miscommunication and nothing more. We look forward to meeting with the cooperative board at a future date so we can share as much about Guzman Energy as the board would like to hear.” Heit said.

He said for the February 16 special meeting they confirmed to have their team in-person in Socorro for a two-hour time allotment. When Guzman Energy learned on February 13 the board could only allow 45 minutes on the agenda, he said “we respectfully asked to reschedule for another date when we could have time for a more complete discussion.”

According to Heit, he had been communicating with Joseph Herrera and Guzman Energy offered to host the SEC board at their office headquarters in Denver to have a “complete and productive conversation.”

Guzman Energy’s director of communication, Amy Messenger, said that once the meeting had started, Heit received texts, separately, from Joseph Herrera as well as another staff member asking if Guzman was on its way. She said that Heit responded to both texts that no, the meeting had been completely rescheduled.

Jerrid Williams, SEC’s director of communications, said the meeting was originally scheduled for January 16 and Guzman asked to reschedule for February 16. He got confirmation from Guzman who also sent flight schedules and stated they’d be at the meeting by 12:30 p.m.

According to Williams, on February 13, Herrera replied that their board president would allow him 45 minutes to present and for conversations. If he wanted to schedule more time later, he could schedule another meeting to continue or follow up after the February 16th meeting.

“During the first call to order, Donna Wilkins, our Executive Secretary, texted Jeff, asking if they were on their way or running late. Donna also called and left a voicemail for Jeff. At that time, the board gave Guzman fifteen more minutes to arrive,” Williams said, “Donna did not get any communication back from Jeff until after the meeting was over when he stated that he wanted to reschedule the meeting.”

He said that based on their correspondence with Jeff Heit and Guzman Electric “We, SEC and our board believed the meeting was supposed to occur on time at 2 p.m. on Friday, February 16, and that Guzman Energy’s representatives would be there at 12:30 p.m. that day.”

Jessica Carranza Pino, Editor