Magdalena Public Library is hosting an informational presentation from Dennis Inman, geologist and Doug Meiklejohn, attorney to discuss the hydrology of the San Agustin Plains and the history of the ongoing legal battle.

“I hope the turn out will be good,” Yvonne Magener, Magdalena Librarian said. “It’s a very important subject and many new people are not aware of it. The corporation is waiting for all the older folks to die and for no one to be interested or have any knowledge of the fight, so they can swoop in and get their water to pump out as much as they can.”

The free presentation will be at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 30. Magdalena Friends of the Library will be providing snacks and is sponsoring the speaker with a travel stipend.
She said with the case coming up, she felt it was important to talk about the details beforehand.

The San Agustin Plains hearing is scheduled for 10:30 a.m., April 5 at the Catron County Courthouse, 101 Main Street, in Reserve before Judge Roscoe A. Woods.

According to the motion of hearing notice, matters to be heard include motion for summary judgement from: Carol Pittman Protestants Group, Catron County Board of Commissioners, Community Protestants, State Engineer’s and a second motion from applicant Augustin Plains Ranch.

The San Agustin Basin, about fifty miles west of Socorro, supplies water to northwestern Socorro and northeastern Catron County. The first drilling application was submitted by Augustin Plains Ranch, LLC in 2007. It was denied and has been appealed multiple times since.