socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

Jan. 23

An officer stopped a vehicle at Church and McCutcheon for a traffic infraction. The driver, who was acting in a strange manner, gave consent for the officer to search his vehicle. The search turned up a black box containing heroin next to a passenger. The officer also located several bags on the driver’s side of the vehicle. The passenger stated the box was his. Both driver and passenger were arrested and incarcerated.

Jan. 24

An officer was dispatched to a residence on Fairgrounds Road for a dog bite. A male said he was riding a bicycle when a dog came out of a yard and bit him on his ankle. The officer tried to make contact with the dog’s owner at the residence and no one was home. Dispatch was advised to have animal control take possession of the dog.

Officers were called to the 700 block of Sixth Street for a reported argument. The male suspect was seen leaving the area and was stopped. He said his girlfriend threw his belongings outside so he left. The officers conducted a terry pat and removed a knife from him after it was determined no incident occurred. The suspect was released. The officer did not return the knife and it was later logged as evidence to be returned to the suspect.

Jan. 25

An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 400 block of Leroy in reference to an order of protection violation. The victim said the suspect had been harassing her via text, and had come to her house and was yelling at her. He wanted to see if he could get his stimulus check and wallet that she had. She called him and he got over there and if there was a protection order he would not be going over there. Both individuals said they would turn over call logs and text messages on one another. No more info at this time.

An officer was dispatched to the 400 block of Center Street in reference to a male who stated his sister broke some of his items. The officer met with the reporting party who stated his sister came to the residence demanding coffee and napkins. He said she broke the front window. He said the residence belonged to his grandmother and she was at work right now, and that she did not want the female at the residence anymore. Officer met with the suspect at Puerto Seguro where she stated she had her coffee mug out and he closed the door on her and broke the window. She agreed to pay for the window and was advised not to return to the residence.

An officer observed a male throwing something at a red truck in the area of Bagley and Central. The officer made contact with the suspect walking north on Central and recognized him. The suspect said the object he threw at the truck was a Cup Soup. The suspect had his hands inside his pockets and was asked if he had anything in his pockets he should not have. He said no, but the officer noticed what looked to be a plastic bag sticking out of his right front side pocket.  The suspect took out a knife and chicken nuggets from his pocket, and when he was asked to turn his pockets inside out the suspect admitted to having a glass pipe. The officer had him put his hands on the vehicle and pulled out the small bag containing a crystal-like substance from his pocket. The suspect confirmed the substance was methamphetamine. The victim told the officer he was on one of his rentals and the suspect was there. He said he told him to go home and the suspect left walking. When he got to the stop sign he threw the Cup Soup at him. The victim wanted to pursue charges against him. The suspect was placed under arrest and was booked at the SCDC.

A juvenile victim on Fatima reported that the suspect came to the home without permission and hugged her, stating he loved her and missed her, then left. The victim does not want the suspect around her and was advised to seek a new protection order.

Jan. 27

An officer on patrol at Grant and Nicholas witnessed traffic violations by the suspect and attempted to pull over the driver of the white Chevy Tahoe with no license plate. The suspect continued to drive and failed to stop at several stop signs and turned onto Highway 60 where he sped up to 90 mph. The officers were assisted by Socorro County Sheriff Deputies. The suspect went off-road onto a private ranch and the pursuit was called off. The suspect was not able to be identified. The owner of the property told officers the suspect drove into a dry river bed and continued off-road.

Officers were called to a residence on North Main Street where the caller said she found her son in his room overdosing. The ambulance staff was on the scene and transported the male to the hospital. The caller stated she did not want any drugs that were found in the room. The officer located syringes and narcotics in the room. The narcotics were removed and logged at the police department for destruction.

Officers were called to the 1200 block of El Camino Real for a female making threats to damage the apartment complex. The suspect was known to the officers to have a valid warrant. When the officers attempted to arrest her, the suspect resisted and was taken to the ground. While being placed in handcuffs, she bit an officer on the arm. After she was placed under arrest and put into a patrol car, an officer went inside and found the suspect’s juvenile daughter in the home. The juvenile daughter was taken to her grandfather’s home and the suspect was taken to the police department for processing and later booked into the SCDC.

An officer pulled a vehicle over on Interstate 25 at mile marker 146 for a seat belt violation. During the stop, the officer contacted a female passenger and asked for her information. She provided false information and names and was asked to step out of the car. The officer noticed she had a pen cap in her hand. The officer asked for the cap and located prescription pills in the cap. The officer then asked her to remove a pack of cigarettes from her pocket. As she was removing the cigarettes, the officer saw a black plastic object sticking out of the same pocket. Cigarettes and a plastic glove were removed and she told the officer she was going to jail because she might have an arrest warrant. She then provided her name and date of birth and an NCIC check showed her to have a valid warrant for her arrest. The officer placed the female under arrest and checked the black plastic glove, which was found to contain a white crystal substance that later tested positive for methamphetamine. The male driver was detained for officer safety and a tow truck was called. During a tow inventory, the officer located a Tampax box with a spoon containing a brown substance believed to be heroin. The male was allowed to leave, and the vehicle was towed. The narcotics were tested and showed positive. The female suspect was processed and booked into SCDC.

An officer pulled over a vehicle on El Camino Real driven by a man known to have a valid warrant. A check with NCIC confirmed the warrant and the suspect was arrested and handcuffed. A search of the suspect turned up two pills in his jacket pocket. The pills were identified as a controlled substance. The pills were collected as evidence the vehicle was towed from the scene. The suspect was later booked into SCDC.

The Socorro County Sheriff’s Department is located inside the county courthouse.

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro County Sheriff’s Department

Jan. 1

An officer was dispatched at 9 a.m. to a residence on Highway 304 in Veguita for a fight in progress. By the time the deputy arrived, the fight was over and the victim explained that he had noticed a vehicle parked on his property. He approached the vehicle and recognized the driver who got irate with him and began to approach him with a rock. The suspect threw the rock and hit him on the left bicep. His left arm appeared to be red and swollen. The suspect then left and the victim didn’t see where he fled to. The victim gave the deputy a cell phone that was dropped by the suspect, whose parents lived nearby. The deputy made contact with the parents, who stated they did not know where their son was. They were given the deputy’s phone number and were told that their son needed to call and speak with the officer immediately. The officers went back to the property where the incident occurred and collected the rock that was used to hit the victim. The gate to enter the property was damaged. Pictures were taken and filed.

Jan. 15

An officer was asked to speak with a couple in the front of the Sheriff’s office at 2 p.m. about their vehicle being damaged. The victim stated that he lent his employee his truck, a blue 2001 Dodge 3500, for the weekend on Jan. 8 and when the truck was returned a couple of days later the front bumper was damaged and the headlights were shattered. The employee stated that a gooseneck trailer hit the front of the truck and damaged it, but that his grandpa would go fix the truck this week. The employee then stopped showing up to work. The victim stated that the suspect was not staying at his home on Polvadera Road. He said the suspect was staying at a home on the northeast frontage road in Socorro but is no longer there.

An officer was informed by a confidential source at 2 p.m. that a male suspect who was wanted on a bench warrant would be driving south State Rt. 1. The deputy spotted the car and conducted a traffic stop in the vicinity of the New Mexico Highway Department. The driver gave permission to search the vehicle and the deputy found the male suspect hiding down on the back seat floorboard. As the deputy started to handcuff him, the suspect would not put his left hand behind his back and was holding something in that hand. He continued to resist and put a piece of tin foil, suspected to be heroin, in his mouth. An assisting officer searched the backseat area and found a syringe on the floorboard. The detention center faculty was asked to hold the suspect in a dry cell in an attempt to reveal the possible evidence that was swallowed.

An officer was dispatched at 11:09 p.m. to the flood control ditch bank in Escondida in reference to a juvenile party. On arrival, several vehicles were seen leaving the area. One was a red Ford pick-up which was peeling out and fishtailing. The officer was attempting to catch up to the vehicle over a small hill where the road continues on the ditch bank road. The officer then saw a Nissan passenger car trying to turn around. When the car saw the unit it started to drive away from and the officer followed with emergency equipment lights and sirens. The car fled at a speed of 35 to 40 mph and continued north on the ditch road heading towards Escondida Lake. The red truck was up ahead and was also fleeing. At Escondida Lake, both vehicles crossed Pueblitos Road and continued on the ditch bank road heading north at speeds still at 35 to 40 mph. The Nissan passenger car lost control approximately a quarter of a mile down the ditch road and appeared to strike an embankment and come to a complete stop. On approaching the car the officer noticed two females sitting in the driver seat and passenger seat. Both individuals were detained and placed in handcuffs. The driver was asked why she didn’t stop and she stated she was afraid to stop and was afraid of the cops. When asked about alcohol, the driver admitted to drinking one Dos Equis. After completion of standard field sobriety tests, the female was transported to the Socorro County Sheriff’s office where she provided breath samples 0.00 and 0.00. She was charged with driving without a driver’s license, resisting/evading, and reckless driving and booked into the SCDC.

Jan. 17

An officer was dispatched at 10:45 p.m. to Socorro General hospital to meet with a female juvenile #1 in reference to a fight that had occurred. At the hospital, the officer met with a Socorro police officer who said that Female #1 had initially called the Socorro Police department to report the fight but the incident had occurred in the county so it was referred to the Sheriff’s office to handle. The deputy viewed a social media video of the fight showing Female #2 sitting on top of Female #1 and hitting her in the face several times. Female #2 was heard in the video yelling while she was striking Female #1 in the face. The officer met with Female #1 who told the officer she was at a large party at Bosque Park on the river known as “the Stumps” just before 11 p.m. While she was there, she overheard female #2 “talking [expletive deleted]” about her to some other people in the area. She went up to Female #2 and confronted her about it. She said that Female #2 threw the first punch and they began fighting until they were separated by other people there at the party. Female #1 said that after this happened she went home and told her mother about the incident and they contacted the Socorro Police Department from there. Female #1 said she had not been drinking alcohol that night. She was wearing a neck brace during the interview with the officer, who told the mother that if her daughter had serious injuries to contact the Sheriff’s office again and because that could change the nature of the case. The officer explained to Female #1 and her mother a report would be written up and forwarded to the Juvenile Probation and Parole Office to determine if charges would be filed against either of them for the incident. The father of Female #2 was contacted the next day and explained the situation. The officer then spoke with Female #2 who said that on the previous night she went to the party at “the stumps” on the river with her boyfriend. She said that they had just arrived when a friend of hers came up to her and told her that Female #1 wanted to fight her. Female #2 said she wanted nothing to do with it and tried to walk away, but that Female #1 came up to her and started yelling at her and pushing her. She said that she backed up against a vehicle and Female #1 threw the first punch and hit her in the face. Female #2 said that after this they both began fighting for a time until she was pulled away from Female #1 by other people at the party. She said that after this, Female #1 was still trying to go toward her saying that they were going to have round two, but other people blocked the way. Female #2 said that she left the party and went home after that. She denied drinking at the party and said that she was only there for a few minutes before the fight happened. Female #2 and her father were told that a report would be sent to JPPO to determine if charges would be filed against either of them for the incident. The report was forwarded to JPPO for consideration.

Jan. 20

A deputy was on routine duty at approximately 4 p.m. when a report came over the radio that Socorro police officers were in a pursuit northbound on Interstate 25. The vehicle got off the interstate at the Lemitar exit and continued north on West Frontage Road. The police department was told to cancel the pursuit as Sheriff’s Department officers took over the pursuit. The vehicle, a white 2004 Ford F-250 pickup with a camper shell, was spotted traveling at a high rate of speed down San Lorenzo Canyon Road. Dispatch directed other units to head to San Lorenzo Canyon. In the canyon, the officer talked to several witnesses who stated that they had seen a white Ford pickup in the area. The officers continued down a side road and located the truck at a dead end. There was no driver and the vehicle and area around it were searched. The vehicle was towed, and no suspects were found at the time of the report.

Jan. 21

An officer was asked at 11 a.m. to go to the Socorro County Treasurer’s office where a victim reported a telemarketing fraud. The victim said that a telemarketer had called her and that she gave out all her personal information. She gave all of the information that she received from the telemarketer to the officer, who then attempted to call the numbers provided. The officer was unable to make contact and advised the victim to check her bank accounts and credit card accounts to make sure that there weren’t any transactions made under her name.