Every year as the monsoon season approaches, us folks out here in Bosquecito start to get a bit nervous about our road flooding and not being able to get out if there was an emergency or get home to tend to our animals. This year we noted that the County had parked a huge tractor out by our fire station and realized that they were taking real proactive action to help us out.

And sure enough, it paid off this past Saturday when our road flooded from the wild storm that swept across our little “town,” flooding all four arroyos as well as some of the road itself. Just as the water was subsiding and the sun was beginning to set, a wonderful County road worker came out, jumped on the tractor and proceeded to scrape the accumulating mud out of the arroyos and pulling out several cars whose drivers thought they could make it through the torrents.

Not only did he give up his Saturday evening , but did it with a smile and allowed those of us stuck on Highway 380 to get back to our homes safely. Thanks to him and to the County Road Department.

I can say for me and probably most of my neighbors, that we can maybe breathe a sigh of relief that we won’t get stranded this monsoon season like so many seasons in the past!

Stephanie Mitchell

San Antonio

Stephanie Mitchell, San Antonio