I’m fed up Socorro.  Again this month, we will be burying another young person due to drugs.  We have buried four young adults, that I know, in less than two years.  What’s it going to take to keep our children and our citizens safe from the drug scene that is so prevailing in our county?  The crime is up and due to the most part, involving drugs. Socorro is despairing!

Do you realize there are more pot shops than clothing stores, more pot shops than family entertainment venues, more pot shops than grocery stores? Hey, how about this one, more pot shops than bars and more pot shops than active churches in our community? Is this what we want our community, our city, our county, to be known for?  “Come to Socorro and raise your family here. We have a pot shop on every block and we bury a young person monthly.” Great bumper sticker. Truth hurts.

I don’t live in the city of Socorro, so I cannot vote in the city elections, but you who do … you have a chance to voice your opinion and maybe change some things.

What is the priority for the city of Socorro, or even the county of Socorro?

Can we rally together for the life of our children? For the life of this community? Or do we continue to almost welcome the drug dealers, provide a safe haven for them and then wonder what child, young adult, or person will be next that dies at their hands and this gateway that our community has seemed to embrace.

Enough pot shops, get the drugs off the streets, arrest and convict!

Shirleen Greenwood

San Antonio

Shirleen Greenwood, San Antonio