The City of Socorro approved a Memorandum of Agreement between the city and the Department of Health on Dec. 21 to use the Teen Center as a distribution site for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The MOA said that the agreement’s purpose is to provide emergency responses for the residents of Socorro, which includes pueblos and tribes. The city council approved the MOA unanimously and without any discussion.

According to the agreement, the Teen Center is to be used as a distribution site for medications, vaccines, prophylaxis, treatment, medical triage, decontamination and other emergency response activities.

When the DOH needs the Teen Center, anyone using the center will have to vacate the premises within three hours. Notice of needing the center will be made initially inperson or via telephone. Socorro, to the extent possible, will help the DOH with the set-up, clean-up and security of the center. The DOH is also allowed to install additional communication equipment as needed.

During the city council meeting, Mayor Ravi Bhasker also said he, along with Positive Outcomes, is going to try to get rapid testing set up for New Mexico Tech to insure the safety of students returning to campus for the spring semester.