Compiled by Denise Ortega

SEPTEMBER 15, 2004

Humberto and Anita Sandoval

HUMBERTO AND ANITA SANDOVAL, of Socorro, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday, June 26. Bert and Anita were married on June 29, 1954, at the Virgin of Guadalupe Church in Laredo, Texas. The couple has seven children. They have 17 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The celebration was given by their children and was attended by many family and friends. Music was provided by Paul and Frances Cases.

SOCORRO FIREFIGHTER AND EMT Matthew Brannan recently earned his firefighter II-IFSAC Certification. Brannan endured a grueling, 4-hour testing process at the New Mexico Firefighters Training Academy. The testing included both written and practical exams, which he passed with ease. Brannan completed his Firefighter I Certification, which requires approximately 120 hours of training shortly after being hired three years ago. In addition, Brannan attended approximately 256 hours of Firefighter II courses offered through the local academy, which included classroom time, hands-on training and two self-study courses.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2008

Staff Sgt. Duane Padilla, originally from Socorro, with Sgt. Steve J, Stephens, Sgt. Jesse A. Stephens and Sgt. Nathan R. LeDoux.

STAFF SGT. DUANE PADILLA, originally from Socorro, and three of his comrades walked in downtown Washington, D.C., for 24 hours straight on Sept. 11 in memory of the people who died the terrorist attacks seven years ago.  Padilla; Sgt. Steve J. Stephens of Portland, Ore.; Sgt. Jesse A. Stephens of Plano, Texas; and Sgt. Nathan R. LeDoux of San Jose, Calif., invited others to walk with them. They walked from 11:59 p.m. Sept. 10 to midnight Sept. 12. Their route circled the National Mall every two hours. Many people joined soldiers for periods of time ranging from 20 minutes to 12 hours. They talked about their reasons for coming and memories of the attacks. At least 12 volunteers, including the soldiers’ spouses and people from their unit, handed out information, and supplied food and water to the walkers during the event.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2009

THE SOCORRO HIGH SCHOOL Warriors football team fell 27-19 to the third ranked Raton Tigers, picking up their first loss of this season. Socorro had two touchdowns called back on penalties including one that could have tied the game if the Warriors successfully converted for two extra points late in the game. The Warriors are faced with several setbacks due to injuries. All the three injured were starters, and two of them played both offense and defense for the Warriors.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2009

SOME SOCORRO RESIDENTS didn’t get their garbage picked up on schedule this week, and others could face the same issue over the next couple of weeks. Problems with both of the city’s garbage trucks on Wednesday, September 16, caused trash pick up to be delayed. In both cases, the problems related to the outrigger unit- the mechanical arm that grasps trash containers, lifts them up and empties the contents into the back of the garbage truck- according to Mike Lucero, the city landfill and solid waste superintendent. Lucero said one truck was not operating on Wednesday, due to a broken chain that was part of the outrigger mechanism. Then, a minor accident that afternoon put the working truck out of commission. Lucero said his department will do its best to meet the schedule residents are accustomed to, but with one truck that may not be possible. The city’s solid waste division picks up garbage from approximately 3,500 homes per week.

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