Alamo Navajo’s Wyatt Hunter runs behind the blocking of Terrell Monte.
Russell Huffman | El Defensor Chieftain

Alamo Navajo didn’t get into the end zone against Tatum (50-0), but the Cougars continue to show improvement, and that’s all coach Wyatt Billy wants as he rebuilds the program.

Alamo’s numbers are swelling, and players are catching up on their learning curve that was slowed by many problems, including weather, a blown water pump, and no electricity. It wasn’t what the Cougars needed to start their season.

This week, compared to last week, we saw a lot of improvement. We moved the ball a lot better. We set up some good plays on the line,” Billy said.

The Cougars also showed they can catch teams off guard, and a halfback pass between Johnshay Padilla and Wyatt Hunter is an effective weapon.

Quarterback Scotty Guerro added another dynamic to the passing game and had hookups with Jurrale Tsosie and Elias Apachito that moved the ball in big chunks.

“Scotty started when he was young. We had him as a backup quarterback in his eighth-grade year, and he started quarterback as a freshman,” Billy said. “He’s progressing well.”