Betty McDaniel was recognized for her 24 years as a Socorro County employee.
Jessica Carranza Pino| El Defensor Chieftain

Socorro County Commissioner’s recognized Betty McDaniel for her 24 years as a dedicated employee, with a plaque and gifts at the regular meeting Sept.26.

“I want to thank you, Betty. She’s worked with many past administrations, she’s been one of our very long and good employees,” said Betty Saavedra, County Clerk.

Commissioners gave out certificates to five inmates who were able to attend for their participation in the County Fair. George Lujan was granted a request to address the commissioners.

“I want to thank every single one of you for the opportunities offered at the detention center, for letting us be a part of something life changing,” said Lujan.  “Thank you for the opportunity to gain some self-worth again and be recognized by the county. I use to be ashamed to speak about my short comings but today I’m not and I’m grateful to be a  part of this.”

In other business, commissioners approved the resolution to support of the trapper’s association in litigation, they voted to release 11-year-old taxes and the auction of properties to be held at the annex building Oct. 24 and Oct.25, they approved Tom Stronmi request for easement for an electrical pole and tabled vendor payments due to possible typos in the numbers.