Volunteers used hand tools to work the trail.
Jessica Carranza |El Defensor Chieftain

In celebration of the 30th annual National Public Lands Day, the BLM partnered with volunteer groups and local businesses to develop the recently approved Landavaso trail, three miles west of Magdalena. The 4.5-mile non-motorized trail features piñon- juniper rolling hills and panoramic views on the Magdalena mountains, which is ideal for hikers, trail runners and dog walkers alike.

A total of 29 volunteers labored on Saturday morning for the event, many were members of Socorro Trails, The New Mexico Volunteers for the Outdoors, NMT Sport Clubs and Socorro Striders and Riders. They included people from Socorro, Magdalena and Datil. They were able to complete 98% of the lower loop, with the upper loop not complete, but roughly cut and walkable with caution.

“A big picture goal for developing these trail networks is to provide the residents of Socorro County improved access to their public lands with benefits to the community health fitness and well-being,” said Rob Selina, Socorro Trails coordinator. “Outdoor recreation could be a long-term driver for economic development in the area, with visitors coming to Socorro County to hike, bike, rock climb, hunt etc.”

Selina said the BLM Socorro field office has been supporting the development of outdoor recreation infrastructure with several local projects including the Box- Enterprise Trail Network, Socorro Nature Area and Fort Craig. For the workday they partnered with Socorro County Options, Prevention and Education (SCOPE), Tumbleweeds Diner and Walmart.

“We are trying to be an alliance of the various user groups and other stakeholders in the community and work together on these projects.” Selina said.

Jessica Carranza Pino, Editor