Just like that another hockey season has come to an end.

The season ended on June 10 after the Colorado Avalanche lost four consecutive games to the Las Vegas Golden Knights. I had very high hopes for the series, especially since the Avs swept the St. Louis Blues 4–0 in the first round.

The Avs won the first two games in the second round against the Golden Knights and then they just couldn’t find that momentum again. With the series tied at two, the Avs had a very good chance of winning at home to take the lead. They ended up blowing a 2–0 lead in the third period and lost in over-

Colorado scored first in game six, but Las Vegas won 6–3 to put an end to the Avs season.

I heard from Phil almost immediately after the game. I wasn’t surprised at all due to the amount of teasing I did to him when his team lost. Granted, they lost 4–0 to the Avs. Phil just wanted to make sure that he did the same thing in return.

Somehow, the conversation turned into the deepest conversation that we’ve ever had. Hockey has a weird way of doing that to us. We start talking about hockey and then somehow we are talking about random things that are going on or not so fun things that have happened.

While I will watch the rest of the playoffs and hope that the Montreal Canadiens destroy the Golden Knights, I will have to wait until October to watch the Avs play again. The upcoming hockey season will be interesting as there is a new team in the league -— the Seattle Kraken.

Their logo and colors are absolutely amazing, especially since it’s a mix of two colors that I love.

I’m looking forward to seeing what players the Kraken get and how their first season in the NHL plays out. As long as my favorite players from the Avs don’t get traded to the Kraken, it will all be good.

Now that the season is over, the nail polish has been taken off and the Colorado Avalanche sneakers have been put away. The jersey’s are all hanging back up and will stay there until the next season starts, especially since it is way too hot to wear them during the summer in Socorro.

I’ll still wear my Avs t-shirts every once and a while, but they were a staple on game day. I rotated through my shirts and would wear a jersey if it wasn’t scorching hot. I’ve worn a jersey a few times for games since April, but it’s mainly been too hot since they are long-sleeves and thick.

I’ll figure out a new rotation for the shirts and jerseys come October. The nail polish will go back on for the start of the season and my sneakers will be sitting in my closet waiting for the season to begin.