Compiled by Denise Ortega

JUNE 5, 1973

MRS. BENNIE CHAVES, former graduate of Socorro Consolidated Schools, and a teacher at Belen Rio Grande Elementary School, has been chosen a member of the outstanding Elementary Teachers of America. She was selected based on professional and civic achievements. This organization gives an annual award program honoring distinguished men and women for their exceptional services, achievements and leadership in the field of elementary education. Mrs. Chaves is now eligible to receive the Outstanding Elementary Teacher of the Year trophy.

Ray Campbell

JOINING THE DEFENSOR CHIEFTAIN staff this week is Ray Campbell who retired six months ago as Assistant Advertising Director and Promotion Director for the Santa Fe New Mexican. Mr. Campbell was with the New Mexican for six years but has 30 years of newspaper advertising experience and at one time published his own weekly newspaper. Mr. Campbell will make his home here in Socorro and hopes to continue participating in the town’s civic activities. Mr. Campbell comes highly recommended by his Santa Fe New Mexican employer and other newspaper men in the state.

JUNE 3, 1998

PARKVIEW ELEMENTARY, the new school facility just north of Sedillo Park, has been given a tentative approval for occupancy, Superintendent JoAnn Salome told the school board. Still to be completed are sidewalks, paving and ramps for federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. Salome told the board that the administration had asked three companies currently in town on other projects to estimate costs for sidewalks and paving. That portion of the project already had been bid on the construction projects, but changes have been made to the plan. Salome said she was waiting to hear whether the school needed to do bid advertisements for the paving; if not, she said, they would use the estimates given to them to decide the contractor.



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Authorized Used Vehicle Clearance Sale

  • ’97 Chy Blazer $19,999
  • ’94 Buick Skylark $6,499
  • ’93 Chevy Cavalier RS, $4,899
  • ’89 Chevy Corsica, $2,999

JUNE 6, 2013

RESIDENTS OF MAGDALENA will no longer have water as of about 1 p.m. on Wednesday. At 10:30 a.m., there was a reported 14 cubic feet of water remaining in the storage. The pumps are no longer pumping, as the well is dry. City officials are working to bring in water from various resources, including White Sands Missile Range, the city of Socorro, The National Guard and Socorro County. Water will be about half potable and half non-potable. Officials have also ordered cases of bottled water to be delivered by noon today, which will be distributed to residents. The long-term solution is still unfolding, but the City of Magdalena is working with the state to get emergency funding through the Council of Governments to drill deeper in the existing well, or to drill a new well. For now, residents are being asked to conserve water. Residents are also encouraged to put about a cup of water in their fill trap- the water trap below the sink in bathrooms and the kitchen-to help avoid the odor that will often arise once hot water drains out.

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