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AUGUST 7, 1973


Fists of Fury

  • Tonite and Wed. Nite
  • 7:15 & 9:15 Nitely


All Seats $1.50

AUGUST 9, 1973

THE RESIGNATION OF Chief of Police Steve Saavedra was read at Monday evening’s City Council. Mayor Gene Coulson then proposed the name of Robert Glascock as Saavedra’s successor. The mayor said that Saavedra had been a consultant in the selection of the new Chief of Police whose arrival in Socorro was said to be sometime this week. A resume was given each councilman on Glascock which evinced the comment from Councilman Vincent Pino that the background profile was “real impressive.” Mayor Coulson also added that he personally received high recommendations for Glascock from both “the military” in which he had served 20 years as M.P., and the El Paso Police. The mayor indicated that he would appoint Glascock Chief of Police as soon as he arrives in town as was the mayor’s prerogative.

AUGUST 5, 1998

DRIVE UP LIQUOR WINDOWS close with no problems. On Sunday, a Socorro liquor store locked its drive-up window tight and then swung its side door open for customers to park their cars, walk five feet into the store and make their purchases. State Police Lt. Mike Hawkes said the Special Investigation Division of the Department of Public Safety said there were no problems with local vendors and that the businesses apparently were in compliance with the law. Under the new law, the windows much be locked shut-nothing can be sold out of them.

Lisa Boeck

SAN MIGUEL’S NEW FIESTA queen, Lisa Boeck, is one busy girl: She teaches catechism classes and attends retreats and conferences through the parish youth group. The 16-year junior at Socorro High School was crowned 1998 San Miguel Fiesta Queen Friday night in the Plaza gazebo. This year’s queen was chosen based on a personal essay and volunteer service to the church and community, rather than on fundraising alone. She is active in the San Miguel youth group, helps at bingo sessions and is a volunteer catechism teacher.

AUGUST 8, 2013

THE BANK OF AMERICA in Socorro, along with deposit accounts and employees, becomes a Washington Federal branch by this fall. Cathy Cooper, a spokesperson for Washington Federal, said during a telephone interview July 30 the bank signed an agreement to buy several branches of a Bank of America and announced it July 18. She said the banks expect regulatory approval about 0-60 days from that date, and the Socorro branch of Bank of America is expected to actually change hands in early November.  Cooper added that Bank of America customers will receive plenty of advance notice from both Bank of America and Washington federal, probably about a month to 10 weeks before the transition. Cooper explained the transaction includes deposit accounts, such as checking, savings and CDs, but not Bank of America mortgages or credit card accounts. The deal also excludes certain large business accounts.

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