The Socorro minicamp for future soccer players was all about fun with a little learning thrown in here and there.
Russell Huffman | El Defensor Chieftain photos

Youth soccer players got to rub elbows with the Warriors and Lady Warriors varsity teams during a minicamp on Sept. 9 at the Rodeo and Sports Complex.

The camp was designed for kids to learn about the fun associated with soccer, and many of the drills were geared toward entertainment while also teaching. It was also an excellent opportunity for varsity athletes to see some of the logistics their coaches encounter.

“It’s been pretty cool to see where I was at one point of my soccer playing to where I am now,” Aiden Masterson said. “The coaching part is hard. Like everything that you got to do and talk to everybody and ensure they are in the right spots.”

The work was also rewarding for players.

“I’m having so much fun doing this because you get to teach little kids how to play soccer. Some of the kids were good at passing. They were looking up most of the time, and they’re good listeners,” Jazmine Alvarado said.

Varsity coaches Amanda Saenz and Daniel Sanchez have been looking for more ways to get their players involved in the community and vice versa.

“We’re just trying to give back to the community, and it’s a fundraiser at the same time., I’ve enjoyed it. I love seeing the kids have a smile on their faces constantly. They look up to us, and this is our opportunity to give back,” Jada Castillio said.