Another list of books to celebrate our summer reading theme: Oceans of Possibilities! All of these books are available for check out from Magdalena Public Library. It’s not too late to sign up for summer reading. Come by the library any time to join.

The Deep Blue Sea: a bedtime shadow book by Barbara Paulding and Martha Day Zschock

“Sail over—and explore under—the deep blue sea with these nautical nursery rhymes. Use your flashlight to cast delightful shadow images on your wall or ceiling!”

This book is so much fun! The illustrations are black ink on clear film, leaving the blank space to create the images. If you don’t have a flashlight, you can always put a piece of paper behind each image to see it. This is great for little kids.

A Fish Out of Water by Helen Palmer and P.D. Eastman (picture book)

“A boy feeds his fish too much food, and it quickly grows to a monstrous size.”

This is one of the Cat in the Hat Beginner Books, designed for learning readers. It has large font and lots of space between lines, and easy, repetitive words designed to help kids read. The pencil drawings and simple color choices (orange, green and brown only) are classic P.D. Eastman, author of Are You My Mother.

Pirates Past Noon by Mary Pope Osborne (youth fiction)

“It’s a treasure trove of trouble when the Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie back to the days of deserted islands and nasty pirates! Will they discover buried treasure? Or will they walk the plank?”

The Magic Tree House series has been popular for a long time and kids still like them. Jack and Annie are relatable characters and kids love learning about the history of places and times they visit. And who doesn’t love a pirate story?

Race to the Bottom of the Sea by Lindsay Eagar (middle grade fiction)

“Kidnapped by pirates after her marine scientist parents are killed in a tragic accident, 11-year-old Fidelia Quail is tasked with retrieving a treasure lost on the ocean floor.”

This book is perfect for fans of old-timey, rip-roaring adventure with a fresh, modern pace and great characters. Fidelia is smart, independent and highly likeable. The perfect dose of escapism. And again, who doesn’t love a pirate story?

The Whydah: a pirate ship feared, wrecked & found by Martin W. Sandler (YA nonfiction)

“The exciting true story of the captaincy, wreck, and discovery of the Whydah—the only pirate ship ever found—and the incredible mysteries it revealed, changing much of what we know about pirates.”

One more book about pirates! This one is nonfiction about the infamous flagship of one of the greediest, most successful pirates of all time, Black Sam Bellamy. Great information with lots of historical pictures and maps.

In Waves by A.J. Dungo (graphic novel, nonficiton)

“Told in alternating chapters, AJ Dungo interweaves the origins and evolution of surf and its greatest heroes, with his own story of his late partner, her battle with cancer, and their shared love of surfing.”

The minimalistic art style relies on white space and simple colors, teal for the personal narrative, peach/brown for the surfing history. A fascinating, moving story with gorgeous art.

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman (adult fiction)
“A childless couple live on a remote Australian island, quietly running a lighthouse, until a boat carrying a baby washes ashore.”

An intense, irresistible story about the profound love and devastating destruction stemming from one choice. Written with the simplicity of a fable, with intricate descriptions of the Australian coastline and deep, heart wrenching moral dilemmas.

Ivy Stover, Librarian, Magdalena Public Library