Mary Ann Chavez-Lopez

Born and raised in Socorro, Mary Ann Chavez-Lopez loves the beauty, culture and strong sense of commitment in this town. Even if there is a difference of opinion, Chavez-Lopez said, “when someone has a need, we come together as a community and leave our differences aside.”

Chavez-Lopez has raised children in Socorro as well as been a leader in business, finance, grant writing and team building. In her professional life as a director of the Housing Authority and as a city councilor, people know her values of honesty, integrity, dedication to community and a strong work ethic. She said, “(I) roll up my sleeves and get the job done; I view obstacles as opportunities.”

In 1997, the Housing Authority hired her as director. “I directed and managed one program with only two employees with a budget of $880,000. Through hard work, dedication and determination to serve those in need in Socorro, we have grown the Housing Authority to 14 employees, 10 programs and a budget of $4.5 million dollars.”

She has also served on various committees, such as Utility, Recreation, and has spearheaded the Police Oversight Committee. She has worked on wastewater and landfill projects, road improvement, and expanded utilities, collaborating with other councilors and the mayor.

“My special project is the remodeling of Finley Gym. It is based on the construct of increasing the quality of life experiences and opportunities for our citizens and especially our youth while making this venue a safer and more useful complex.”

As mayor, she will work “with the Council to find ways to bring economic development and exceptional quality of life to Socorro. With the team the City Council recently put together, (we will) hire an economic development employee and collaborate with the County, New Mexico Tech, our schools and other local resources.”

Chavez-Lopez also cites the drug problem and homelessness as two areas where law enforcement, city and county, and the schools need to collaborate.

One of her achievements has been completion of a project that has taken four years and cost nearly $12.5 million for affordable housing.

Chavez-Lopez also wants to implement term limits in order “to prevent politicians from amassing too much power.” If elected, she will always have an open door policy. Voters can also find her at Hot August Nights and other public events.

“I love talking to people so I will go door to door, plus I will also use local media, Facebook, etc. Voters can get to know me better by meeting with me, emailing me at [email protected] or calling me at 575-518-8381.”