Jim Burleson

Jim Burleson is running for mayor of Socorro and has big plans for the city he has called home since 1990.

He graduated from Socorro High in 1992, and after four years in the Air Force, returned to Socorro. He loves “the small town life and a place to raise kids.” For Burleson, both the school systems and the youth community make Socorro feel like one big family.

Burleson says his supporters would describe him as innovative and fearless. “I’ve already brought a huge industry here to create local jobs, being a film producer. We shot six movies in Socorro since the beginning of 2022.”

His desire to improve things in Socorro doesn’t stop there. “I have great relationships in the business sector and political assets from all three major parties. I will have great reach to incorporate changes that the community sees as desirable.”

Among the changes he wants to bring to Socorro are opportunities for youth “to grow their talent … so our kids can stay in our communities instead of having to move away to earn six-figure salaries.”

Burleson also wants to expand the tech trades programs in schools. He is currently teaching a film class at the high school, and wants to offer it at all of the schools. “I will teach our community members how to make films and be desirable (as employees) to productions from around the country.”

About establishing the film industry in Socorro, Burleson says, “I have several developers and producers looking to grow into Socorro, and I’m already working to facilitate them. We will make jobs…. Three major development plans (are) in the works that will provide hundreds of high paying jobs, something for our families to do 12 months out of the year.”

Voters who want to know more about Burleson can find him on social media almost daily. He runs the Socorro Safety Watch page as well as JimB4Mayor, both on Facebook. “I created (Safety Watch) a few years ago for our community to report crimes and suspicious activity so we can look out for each other. I made the rule when I created it that any political candidate can post once a week because our community representatives are the most important pieces to a safe community.”

Burleson plans to campaign at community events with music and guest speakers around the city and at the Val Verde Hotel.

His website is jimburlesonformayor.com

Jay Ann Cox, El Defensor Chieftain Editor