Dr. Mahyar Amouzegar will begin his term as NMT’s 18th president on April 15, 2024. He is pictured with his wife, Maria.

New Mexico Tech’s new president, Dr. Mahyar Amouzegar, enjoys traveling, has a love for soccer and is a published author of numerous essays and four books.

“I grew up surrounded by literature and have always had a deep connection with literary fiction. My journey took a pivotal turn at age 14 when I moved from Tehran to San Francisco, an experience that significantly shaped my worldview,” Amouzegar said. “Writing is not just a hobby for me; it’s a passion.”

Amouzegar’s understanding of the world has been enriched by living in New Zealand and the UK and his travels to over 60 countries. He writes on topics that range from national security to human interest stories.

“I am naturally inclined to question the status quo, a trait influenced by my admiration for Dr. Steve Sample, whose transformational work at the University of Southern California and his book, ‘The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership’, have been a significant inspiration,” Amouzegar said.

As far as his interest in New Mexico Tech goes he was drawn by its reputation as New Mexico’s leading STEM-focused university.

“The chance to contribute to the growth in academic and research areas at a high-potential institution like NMT was very attractive. Receiving the job offer was an honor, and I was thrilled at the prospect of leading such a prestigious university,” Amouzegar said.

He and his family are excited about their new chapter in relocating from New Orleans to Socorro in April.

“Socorro has a rich history and a dynamic community spirit, closely linked with NMT’s development and innovation,” Amouzegar said. “The welcoming atmosphere of both the campus and the city has left a lasting impression on me. My initial encounters in New Mexico have been very positive, and I’m eager to immerse myself in the local culture and community, anticipating many more enriching experiences.”

Amouzegar is eager for the opportunity to meet and forge robust relationships with local public officials and legislators. He has a commitment to being involved and approachable to both the NMT community, the community of Socorro and beyond.

“My objective is to foster a dynamic synergy that will contribute to our collective success and community growth. I earnestly believe that teaching, research, and scholarly activities must reach out to the community from which they derive their moral and financial support. As leaders, we have a duty to educate the public on critical issues in today’s complex, technologically advanced world.”

During his visit, he said he was impressed with the insightful questions and valuable suggestions of the NMT students.

“Interacting with students is a top priority for me. I am dedicated to adapting our educational methods to suit our students’ diverse needs and backgrounds, ensuring they receive top-notch education and training,” Amouzegar said.

To learn more about Dr. Mahyar Amouzegar, see his published booklist, watch interviews and read some of his work, please visit: www.amouzegar.com