Items taken from reports at the Socorro County Sheriff’s blotter

July 11

A deputy was dispatched at 8:38 a.m. to a field near Helena Road and Granillo Road in reference to an abandoned vehicle. A witness at the scene stated that while he was feeding his cows he ran across an abandoned vehicle that crashed through two fences and ended up in an arroyo. He stated that he did not know how long the vehicle had been there. The vehicle was a white Kia Optima and a check with NCIC indicated the car was stolen. The Kia had extensive damage to the front bumper and a shattered rear passenger door window. It also had three bullet holes through the roof on the passenger side which appeared to have been shot from the inside. A bullet casing was found on the passenger floor. The casing was collected as evidence. The owner, a resident of Albuquerque, was contacted. Suspects are unknown at this time. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

July 13

A deputy was dispatched at 12:30 p.m. to a residence on Highway 304 for a welfare check. The caller had informed dispatch that in the male subject in question usually calls her every Sunday but on this day he did not call and she was unable to contact him. She also told dispatch that he did have a history of medical issues and he was on an oxygen machine. At the home, the officer received no response to the doorbell and walked around to the back. A television was heard through a screen door and the man was seen sitting in a chair. On further checking, the man was unresponsive and not breathing. OMI was contacted and took possession of the deceased.

A woman in Magdalena contacted the Sheriff’s office at 11:30 a.m. to report a cow that had been shot. She said she grazes cattle on a ranch off of Highway 107, about eight miles south of Highway 60. She told the deputy that over the last five weeks, she and her husband have found four dead cows and one dead bull near the highway. Two of the cows were too decomposed to determine the cause of death, but the dead bull appeared to have a bullet hole in his brisket, as did one of the other cows. Zamora found the last cow yesterday, and its body was fresh enough to see what appeared to be a .22 caliber hole in the brisket, the area above the forelegs commonly called “vitals,” a common target for deer or elk hunters. The dead cattle were in the area of the junction between Highway 107 and FR 234, near a source of water, where they could have been shot from the highway. There were also tracks where someone had recently driven off-road through the pasture.

July 14

An officer responded at 2:44 a.m. to Escondida Lane about a domestic in progress involving aggravated assault with a vehicle. The reporting person called dispatch stating there were two vehicles at their shed and several people were verbally arguing. The female said the fight was between her and her ex-husband, who had brought along another woman to her residence when returning a child. The officer learned that the female followed the ex-boyfriend when he and the other woman left, and that she struck his vehicle with her’s several times with hers. She was arrested for aggravated assault, the ex-husband was arrested for violating a restraining order, and the woman with the ex-husband was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

July 20

A deputy received a dispatch at 9 p.m. for a larceny report at an address on Highway 304. The homeowner believed someone was inside the home because all the lights were on and the gate was left open. The officer cleared the home. The victim said she had two vehicles and a gun stolen from the property sometime the day before. She explained that she inherited the home from her deceased brother and did not have information on one of the vehicles or the shotgun. She stated the brother had no family of his own in the state and had no friends who could have taken the vehicles. She also stated it appeared as though someone had been inside the home but could not list any items that may have been stolen.

Deputies patrolling on California Street at 1 p.m. spotted a driver pulling out of Valero known to have an outstanding warrant. A traffic stop was conducted at College and Ake streets, and on contacting the suspect, it appeared that she was trying to hide something underneath the passenger seat. A check with NCIC showed the passenger had active warrants out of Socorro County Magistrate and Valencia County Magistrate courts. She was placed under arrest and placed in the back seat of the unit. A Sheriff’s detective came to assist and spoke to the driver and saw in plain view a white baggie on the center console. The baggie was seized and field-tested positive for heroin and officers requested a search warrant for the vehicle. The vehicle was towed and the two suspects were transferred to the Socorro County Detention Center where they were booked and incarcerated.


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