The Magdalena Marshal’s Office is laying down the law on Off-Highway Vehicles. Last week, street signs started showing up on not only First Street, but also various streets in the village.

Marshal Michael Zamora said the directive is in accordance with two New Mexico state statutes; 66-3-1010.3 and 66-3-1011, along with a Magdalena Village ordinance banning the operation of OHVs in town.

“We have been working with the public since we started with this,” Zamora stated in a public announcement. “Magdalena Village is now a closed area to all OHVs and the fines could add up to $257.”

New Mexico Game and Fish is providing the signage.

Deputy Marshal Brian Waterman has been overseeing the posting of the signs at strategic intersections. He said there’s no way one cannot be aware of the law.

“We’ve got signs on Main Street at Tenth, on Kelly Road coming down from Hop Canyon, on Main coming in from Riley Road, on Ash coming up to First Street, at First and Duggins, and one on the end of town on the west side,” Waterman said. “If you’re in the city, you’re going to get ticketed. We’ve always had an ordinance not allowing it, but with these new signs coming in we’re stepping up enforcement of it.”

A recent OHV accident within the village limits prompted the mayor and Village Board of Trustees, in concert with Game and Fish, to act.

“The trouble is, you’ve got individuals who think they can do what they want to do. But no,

we have laws,” Waterman said. “We had that accident, and we were getting complaints about kids on these and adults riding with children, not following safety and the laws. Beginning in May, we started trying to educate individuals on the law and safety issues.”

Fines for the class IV violation can run as high as $257, Waterman said.

The law is also in effect in the county.

“Socorro County does not allow any OHVs, ATVs, or any off-road vehicles on the roadways either,” Waterman said. “So, if you get caught riding on the county roadways, you’re also liable to get ticketed.”

He said the mayor was “very enthusiastic about the signs going up. The board was very enthusiastic, too. It’s a safety issue.”