NOVEMBER 6, 1973
A COMPLETE PORTABLE CRIME LAB has been purchased by the Socorro County Sheriff’s Department through county revenue sharing funds. The unit cost $400 and so far, is the only portable kit in the state. Other cities have Crime Scene Search Unit trucks which cost $13,950.00 but essentially the portable unit can accomplish the same things. Questionable documents can be tested for erased signatures, types of ink, typewriter identifications, characteristics of printed or written material, and complete handwriting analysis. Blood stains can be identified as to animal or human; narcotic and alcohol in the blood stream can be detected; numbers can be raised or restored which have been filled off; urinalysis; and many other identification processes such as raising latent fingerprints. Included are microscopes and in true Sherlock Holmes fashion, a magnifying glass! Services of the unit are available to all area law enforcement departments. The unit was a special order placed last July.
DISTRICT III OF THE SOCORRO Electric Cooperative, Inc. held trustee elections Saturday evening at the JHS gym and six candidates were nominated from the floor. Of the six, those elected for having received the highest number of votes were Mannie Marquez, 203 votes; Robert C. (Bobby) Baca, 167 votes; and Dick Gallegos, 135 votes. Gallegos was an incumbent. The three elected will serve for a two-year term on the Board of Trustees, their terms beginning January 1, 1974. There are 11 members on the board representing five districts. The districts include some parts of Valencia and Catron counties, in addition to Socorro County.

NOVEMBER 7, 1998
CLAY ARTIST MARY F. HOLMES of Socorro recently was selected to exhibit three sculptures at the Sixth Annual Mesilla Valley Fine Arts Exhibition in Las Cruces. The exhibit was juried by David Schwindt. The was work was saggar fired, in a glass kiln, with copper sulfate and copper wire. Holmes has also shown work at the Bardean Gallery, in the Miniature show, where he has won awards. She continues to produce her functional stoneware and saw-dust-fired work but takes to work on various sculptures.

NOVEMBER 7, 2013
FOLLOWING A ROBBERY at gunpoint reported Monday afternoon, police took one suspect into custody but still are searching for two others. An armed robbery was reported behind Circle K on Vermont Street. Socorro Police Department Detective Richard Lopez said two suspects approached a man, one of them pointing a gun, and demanded money. The victim handed over $375 in cash. Lopez said the victim provided a good description of the suspects and the car they drove away in, including a partial license plate number. Within about 30-45 minutes of the initial call, officers arrested a man based on the victim’s description.