Compiled by Denise Ortega

Charles Savedra

DECEMBER 12, 1972

CADET CHARLES A. SAVEDRA, a wide receiver for the Broncs for New Mexico Military Institute, was among four Broncs who earned national recognition as the final statistics for the 1972 season were released by the National Junior Colleges Athletic Association. Savedra finished the season fifth in the national among past receivers. Savedra caught seven touchdown passes and was the leading scorer for NMMI. He caught 35 passes for 553 yards, racking up the most yardage for the Institute.

Eugene Castillo

EUGENE CASTILLO of Socorro has just enlisted into the United States Marine Corps for a period of three years. Eugene, a 1971 graduate of Socorro High School, enlisted, under the ground warrantee SP 11, this means he was waranteed a technical school after he completes 11 weeks of recruit training in San Diego, California.

DECEMBER 10, 1997

HEAD START staff and parents want to know why a drug bust was “wrapped up” in the Head Start parking lot Monday morning with no regard for the safety of the 100-plus preschoolers who attend the program. U.S. customs special agents arrested a 39-year old Mexican national on smuggling chargers after the agents retrieved 47 pounds of marijuana from the back of a vehicle left in the Head Start parking lot. The eight to ten agents did not identify themselves to Head Start staff and made no attempt to inform them about what was taking place in full view of the 3-to 5- year-old children enrolled in the preschool program.

SOCORRO HAS THE TOP 5AAA PLAYERS of the year, both for the offense and defense, and filled many of the slots on the All-District team following recent voting by district coaches. Damien Ocampo was named 5AAA Offensive Player of the Year, and he and Lenny Baldonado tied for Defensive Player of the Year honors. Baldonado was named linebacker of the year, and Ocampo was back of the year for both offense and defense.

DECEMBER 8, 2012

REPAIR WORK on an old sewer line in front of Western on California Street is going slower than usual because of seepage from the high water table, but the project should get done in a few days. City water department supervisor Ruben Amaro said it is hard to estimate the age of the sewer lines running along California Street, but they are at least 30 years old. Wet ground is making the task of leveling the manhole base tricky, Amaro said, so the job that should take 20 minutes may end up taking quite a bit longer. Crews will replace 380 feet of the old sewer line south from the Western Mercantile parking lot and east to Sixth Street.

DECEMBER 12, 2012

THE MAGDALENA MARSHAL’S OFFICE is investigating how a gun from a capital murder case in Houston found its way to Magdalena Schools. The Marshal’s Office was called to Magdalena Schools at 8:08 p.m. on Nov. 29 for shots fired outside the cafeteria during a basketball game. The male subject firing the gun was arrested and taken to the Marshal’s office. Marshals discovered the gun was a piece of evidence wanted in a capital murder in Houston. The male subject was taken to the Bernalillo County Detention Center and charges have been filed by the Juvenile Probation Office.

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