Compiled by Denise Ortega

NOVEMBER 20, 1941

MRS. ERNEST BURRIS of Socorro placed first in the Farm Security Administration Canning Contest held at the courthouse on November 15. Mrs. William Worsham of Socorro won second place and Mrs. Sidney Lee Horne of Lemitar placed third. Miss Helene Scheele, home management supervisor for the county, said that 63 jars were entered in the contest. Each contestant displayed one jar of canned meat, one jar of canned vegetables, and one jar of canned fruit, jelly or preserves. Mrs. Burris’s first prize jars will be sent to Las Cruces to the FSA State Canning Contest where they will compete with prize jars from other counties in the state.

STREET IMPROVEMENT. Thirty men went to work yesterday on the long-awaited street improvement project. This project, which has been written for some months, has been delayed due to various causes. It consists of $94,000 worth of improvements on the city streets. First item under the program is the permanent repair of the Matanzas Arroyo, or ship canal, hike west of Socorro. The work there, according to local officials, will consist chiefly of rip rapping to prevent flooding.

NOVEMBER 21, 1946

Rumaldo Chavez

RUMALDO CHAVEZ of Lemitar has been awarded a $25 savings bond in the state 4-H garden contest. The Socorro County boy has been a member of the Lemitar 4-H club for the past five years, two of which he has devoted to gardening projects. He won first prize at the Socorro County fair this year for his gardening exhibit.

MAGDALENA SUPERINTENDENT of Schools Odie Ludlow returned from a deer hunting trip Sunday without a buck but with a better trophy, a bear. Ludlow reported he shot the bear when the animal came snooping around his hunting camp. As usual, however, his friends have been kidding him, charging him with using honey for “bait.”


Good Year Tire $16.10

Whiz Cooling System Cleaner and Conditioner $.85

Good Year All Weather Battery $8.60 and up

Spark Plugs $.55 each

Venus Auto Wax and Cleaner $.75

NOVEMBER 17, 1949

BEN ZIMMERLY last week installed in his grocery store on the Plaza thousands of dollars of new equipment, to assure the delivery of perishable food products in the best possible condition. Built of enamel and aluminum alloys, the equipment consists of refrigeration units for dairy products and for fresh vegetables. The equipment takes up one side of the store. Milk, cream, cheese, eggs and similar offerings are displayed under refrigeration in one case; vegetables in the other. The refrigeration machinery, in the lower part of the cases, keeps a flow of cold air moving over the food products all the time.

A SQUARE DANCE will be given in the lounge of the new research and development laboratory building at the New Mexico School of Mines on Friday evening, Nov. 18. The dance is open to any couples who wish to attend. Instruction for beginners will be given beginning at 8 o’clock, and the main dance will begin at 9 o’clock. Mr. W.F. Edwards and his band will furnish music. Mr. Randall (Blackie) Eakes will call for the dances. It is expected that square dances will be given at regular intervals by the interested groups of the Research and Development Division of the School of Mines.

Ben’s Finer Foods, 1949


Cheese Velveeta $.87

Eggs dozen $.78

Sliced Bacon $.59 lb.

Milk Carnation $.12

Apples $.10 lb.

Peas $.10 a can