The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro County Sheriff’s Department

Jan. 11

A deputy was contacted at approximately 11 a.m. by New Mexico State Police in reference to an incident of criminal damage at a property on Forest Road 234. The property owner said his fence had been cut near the cattle guard on the road going towards Mill Canyon. He stated that when he went to repair the fence he saw tire tracks where someone had driven through the cut in the fence and they appeared to be pulling a horse trailer. The victim added that there have been multiple occasions where his fence has been cut. He told the officer that he has an idea of who may have cut the fence, but he did not have any evidence so he did not want to give any names.

Jan. 12

A deputy was dispatched at 10 a.m. to the Socorro County Detention Center on a report that narcotics and other contraband were located inside the detention center. On arrival, the officer learned that on January 8 the narcotics and contraband were found to be in the possession of the suspect detainee. The narcotics and contraband were confiscated and were placed in sealed evidence bags and locked in a lockbox. The detention officer turned the evidence bags as well as a copy of his report to the deputy, who transported them to the Socorro County Sheriff’s Office. Listed inside the first evidence bag was a blue BIC lighter, aluminum foil with a black substance, and a blue wrapper with a yellow substance. Listed inside the second evidence bag was a suboxone strip. The yellow substance inside the blue wrapper did not test positive for any kind of narcotic. The aluminum foil with a black substance was sealed inside an evidence bag and the orange suboxone strip inside a second evidence bag. These items were sent to the forensic lab to be tested.

An officer was on patrol at 10:35 p.m. when a request for assistance at a residence in the 900 block of Padilla from the City of Socorro Police Department was received. The call was in reference to a battery that had occurred on the reporting person and his wife. The male victim, who had a large red and blue swollen knot on the left side of his face under his eye, told the officer that a male juvenile was at their house and an argument started over a phone charger. The victim said that the juvenile got mad and started punching on everyone. He said that he was hit in the face at least once before he was able to push the teen outside and close the door. At that, the suspect continued to bang on the door and yell at him. The victim said that the suspect fled on foot before police arrived, but did not see which direction and he did not remember the clothes that he was wearing. The victim said he wanted to file charges and he did not want him at his house anymore. The female victim confirmed the sequence of events in the house, and when the suspect started swinging his fists around wildly she was hit at least twice in the back of her head while she was trying to back away from him. She added that her juvenile son was hit as well. When the ambulance showed up and was starting to check the victims over, the officer left the scene and began searching the surrounding area for the juvenile suspect.

The officer heard over the radio the male teen had a warrant for his arrest out of District Court and had absconded from Juvenile Probation and Parole. City police officers joined in the search and said on the radio that they had found him on Grant Street. The deputy drove to that area of Grant Street where an officer was pointing his taser into the back yard of a residence in the 200 block of Grant and giving the suspect commands to stay where he was and stop trying to get into that house. The deputy then ran around to the south of that property and spotted the suspect running fast to another backyard. The deputy pursued on foot as the suspect broke a fence and jumped into an adjoining property. The suspect was pursued as he ran through a property in the 300 block of Eaton and continued east onto West Church Street where he slipped on gravel in the 300 block, landing on his stomach. The suspect complied with the deputy’s commands while he was placed in handcuffs. The suspect’s Juvenile Probation and Parole Officer was able to secure for him a cell at the Bernalillo Juvenile Detention Center in Albuquerque. The officer followed up by checking with the owners of the properties the suspect had trespassed on. Two of the residents said they were pressing charges against the suspect. The report was forwarded to the Juvenile Probation and Parole Officer for determination of charges.

An officer was dispatched at approximately 2:30 p.m. to a residence on Mora Drive in Veguita on a complaint from a man about a sign his neighbor had put up. He said his neighbor had put up a sign which had an arrow pointing to his house saying “beware of neighbor.” He felt the sign was derogatory about him and he wanted it taken down. The officer had spoken to the man earlier in the day about the sign and was told that there was nothing the officer could do about it. When officers arrived at the home, the male was near a mailbox waving his arms with a sign in his hands and yelling in the street. He was asked why he took the sign down and the man continued to yell, throwing a piece of the sign into his yard. The officer advised him to go into his yard and pick up the sign because it was evidence. At that, he flung the bigger piece of the sign at the officer, striking the officer on the arm. He was arrested and continued to scream and yell. The neighbor told officers that the man has been harassing him for years and that earlier in the day had tried to fight him. When he found out his sign had been broken he wanted to press charges. The suspect was transported to the Socorro County Detention Center where he was booked.

Jan. 13

An officer was dispatched to a residence in Bosque on the report of an unattended death. On arrival, the officer was met by EMTs who stated the male did not have a pulse and was pronounced deceased at the scene. It was determined the victim died of a narcotic overdose.

Jan. 17

An officer was informed by dispatch at 1 p.m. that a female reported she left her vehicle at mile marker 168 on Interstate 25 yesterday and when she returned to pick it up, it was gone. She said the car was overheating so she left it and had her daughter pick her up. She left the vehicle at around 7:30 p.m. yesterday. She returned today at around noon and it was gone. She called all the tow companies in Socorro and no one had towed it. The victim signed a theft declaration form so the vehicle could be entered into NCIC as a stolen vehicle. The vehicle is a 2007 gray four-door Chevy Malibu with heart decals on the passenger side of the trunk, a cracked windshield, and is missing both front hub caps.

socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

Jan. 19

Officers were called to Super 8 where someone was stealing clothes from a dryer. The officer met with the victim, who stated a male suspect took clothing from a dryer and entered room 401. A security camera video was viewed and the male was identified. The officers went to the room and met with a female suspect, asking if the male suspect was in the room. She said he was not and did not allow the officers to look in the room. When she was told they would come back with a search warrant, she let the officers enter the room. An officer located the stolen clothes in the room, along with loaded syringes. The male suspect had left in the female suspect’s truck. The officers collected the evidence and arrested the female suspect. The substances were field-tested and came back positive for heroin and methamphetamine. The female suspect was also shown to have a valid warrant. She was booked on charges and charges were filed on the male suspect.

Jan. 20

Officers were called to a home on High School Road for a male being unresponsive. CPR was performed until an ambulance arrived. The victim was unresponsive and OMI was called. The OMI staff members arrived and processed the scene. The victim was taken to a local funeral home.

Police received a call about a vehicle theft where the suspect took the victim’s car from the home of a third person where the victim was staying. The victim said her car and belongings that were in the home of the male were stolen from the residence home by a female suspect. The victim said the male named the female suspect as the person who took the car and belongings. The victim signed a theft declaration for the vehicle. The vehicle was entered into NCIC as stolen. The officer attempted to locate the male and female listed as the suspects. Neither was located. The male was contacted and stated he did, in fact, dispose of clothing that was left at the home but the car was not at his home and that the victim left the car at Arby’s. A check showed the car had been towed from Arby’s on Jan. 5 at the request of the staff at Arby’s. And that the victim’s vehicle could be found in a local tow yard. At this time no charges will be filed.

An officer on patrol noticed a white Ford truck with a door handle off. The officer was aware of Ford trucks being stolen and the door handles being tampered with. An attempt to pull over the truck resulted in the driver fleeing the officer at a high rate of speed. The suspect driver then crossed the median into oncoming traffic and exited in Lemitar. The pursuit was called off by a supervisor due to hazards to the public. The Socorro County Sheriff’s Department was able to locate the vehicle abandoned. The VIN showed the truck as stolen from Albuquerque and was entered into NCIC as stolen. No driver was located.

An officer on patrol spotted a man known to have a valid warrant for this arrest in the Walmart Parking lot. The suspect was contacted and was placed under arrest. When asked if he had anything on his person, he conceded to having syringes and other items. The officer located on his person a loaded syringe and two plastic baggies of methamphetamine. The narcotics were field-tested and showed positive for the drugs. The suspect was booked into the SCDC.

An officer assisting on an investigation at a residence in the 1100 block of Chaparral noticed a glass meth pipe on a table in front of the female suspect. The suspect attempted to hide the pipe. The suspect was asked to exit the home with the officer and was asked if she would empty her pockets. She emptied her pockets on the patrol car, where the officer located methamphetamine and heroin. The suspect was placed under arrest and later booked into the SCDC. The substances tested positive for methamphetamine and heroin.

Jan. 21

Officers were called to an apartment in the 800 block of Spring Street where yelling was coming from. The officers heard the yelling coming from the victim inside the suspect’s apartment. On entering the apartment they heard the male suspect yelling from the bathroom at the victim. He was asked to exit the bathroom and walk outside and wait with another officer. In the meantime, an officer met with the victim, who explained she was sleeping when the suspect started elbowing her to wake up and an argument ensued. The officer meeting with the suspect saw that there was blood coming from his neck. The suspect was asked if he was injecting heroin into his neck to which he replied, “yes.” A check with NCIC showed the suspect to have a valid warrant. The suspect was placed under arrest and the officer returned to the bathroom where a loaded syringe was in plain view. The syringe was recovered as evidence. The suspect was taken to the police department for processing and booked into the SCDC. The syringe tested positive for heroin.

A woman on Medley reported a where she was contacted by a company advertising money for placing an advertising sticker on a vehicle. She agreed to the promotion and was sent a check for $2,950. The victim was asked to purchase gift cards with half of the money and keep the rest. She purchased the gift cards and sent images of the cards and security codes for the cards to the company representative. The victim stated she was notified by her bank the check was fraudulent after the check was deposited and money was withdrawn. The officer was provided with images of the messages and the package. The officer attempted to track the package tracking number back to the sender. The sender was not able to be identified.

An officer was called to John Brooks where a male was urinating in the parking lot. The officer met with the caller who said an employee witnessed the suspect urinating in the parking lot. The caller was concerned for others in the parking lot and what they might see. The officer contacted the intoxicated suspect who took exception to the allegation and became agitated with the officer. He was told by the officer that he is now trespassed from the store property.

he did not urinate in the parking lot and became agitated with the officer. The officer spoke to the suspect’s girlfriend who was not intoxicated. She took custody of the male and left the parking lot.

Jan. 22

A woman in the 500 block of Leroy complained that her husband took a vehicle from her home and now has the vehicle at his home. She said she no longer had a vehicle to drive. She explained that the two are still married but lived in separate houses due to a protection order. The officer was able to locate the husband later in the day who stated he and she recently purchased her a new vehicle so he took the other vehicles to this home. At this time no charges were filed.

Jan. 23

Officers on patrol witnessed a male suspect complete a possible drug transaction with a female at a residence in the 500 block of McCutcheon and then get in a car and leave the property. He was pulled over and found in possession of methamphetamine. He was Mirandized and agreed to speak with the officers, admitting he purchased narcotics from the female suspect at the home on McCutcheon. The information was enough to obtain a search warrant for the female suspect’s home. During a search of the home, the officers located heroin in aluminum foil. The female denied selling drugs to the male suspect. She was arrested and booked into the SCDC. The male suspect was released pending charges. The narcotics were logged at the Socorro Police Department.