Classes meet for the fall semester at New Mexico Tech on Aug. 14. Officials expect no significant increase or decrease to the number of students enrolled.

Last fall, the degree-seeking undergraduates entering or returning to NM Tech totaled 1,160, according to Dr. David Greene, Vice President of Student Life.

The enrollment may be steady but the excitement for the new school year has already begun with activities for new and returning students that took place in July.

“It has been energizing to meet so many new students during our first two overnight student orientations, and we’re encouraged by an increase in new students who have signed up to arrive on campus a week early for our new student leadership camp,” said Greene.

At press time, 95% of the available beds in dorms were filled (629 of 665). According to Greene, the second floor of West Hall is now available after a summer-long renovation. “That enables us to better accommodate students who wish to live on campus,” said Greene.

The first floor of West Hall is closed due to construction, which means 49 beds are not currently available.

The official census day is in early September when registrations closes.