March 1, 2003

ONE OF THE SOCORRO AREA’S most pristine river parks along the Rio Grande has been destroyed by a group of vandals. Cement tables and chairs have been crushed almost to dust in places, cottonwood trees have been “tagged” with paint. Steel barrier ropes have been pulled down so that four wheelers can get through to the restricted bosque area, broken glass beer bottles and beer cans are scattered around in places near the river and campfires have been lit on the river’s bank. In other areas along the river where local Youth Conservation Corps workers set up attractive picnic tables and barbecue areas over their summer breaks for use by the Socorro community, bags full of garbage have been dumped, along with old mattresses and dead Christmas trees. Signs all along the river have been used for rifle target practice and are almost unreadable in places. Robert Miller, law enforcement officer said that the YCC will now have to come out and fix it and we’ll have to spend a good amount of money just to get it fixed. He said, “We want the community involved so that they will keep the damages down and maybe give us some hints as to who is doing the damage.”
TONY BARRETT, A SOPHMORE at Socorro High School, recently received recognition for his award-winning artwork at the school board meeting. Mr. Steve Green and Rita Barker, of the Friends of the Bosque, and Mr. Dan Padilla, principal of the high school, presented Mr. Barrett with a plaque and $50 check. Barrett’s artwork will be used for T-shirts for the Bosque’s first Career Day. Tony is the son of Mike and Jai Barrett of Socorro.

March 5, 2003

THE SECOND PHASE OF SOCORRO HIGH SCHOOL’S remodeling project may be over soon. Principal Dan Padilla said he hopes that students and faculty can move into the new wing the second week of March. “We have better heaters and cooling system, along with new restrooms,” Padilla said. “We’ve gotten a facelift and a more positive environment. I would really like to thank the community for being so patient with construction, which includes work on High School Road. The result and final product has been worth it.” Padilla added the school plans to hold an open house for the newly remodeled section. Extensive remodeling of the high school began in mid-2001.

March 15, 2003

THE NEW SPIN CITY LAUNDROMAT in Socorro has officially opened. There are rows of new stainless steel Dexter dryers and washers in large and small load sizes, T.V. video games, tables, and chairs for studying or eating, and plenty of clothes folding tables, each with a new clothes trolley. Vending machines offer snacks, drinks, soaps, softener, and bleach, but soap and other items are also available over the counter. Because

water from the well nearby is considered hard, they have installed a special water softener for the machines. It is also in a convenient position for Tech students and the machines are quiet and smooth operating. With the opening of Spin City, along with the Bubble Machine, Socorro now has two laundromats.

March 26, 2003



SCHOOL STUDENTS won a local ‘image’ contest and now have the chance to compete with students from around the world. The students were Carlie Licha, Jessica Pound, Sharon Ellis, Alysia Torres, Elizabeth Smoake, Isaiah Acebedo and Antoinette Jaramillo. Each had 30 minutes to create a play, from start to finish. They had to provide a unique, functional object, literary element, a main character, surprise setting and an event. The students’ character was the mannequin from “Rumpelstiltskin” while their event included freeing a lion. Then, they had to come up with a lesson learned-Being kind to your environment. They had 30 minutes to come up with a story from beginning to end, with props made from newspapers. The students picked three letters. They had to make a phrase of the three letters drawn, which were G, R and V, in the order they were drawn. They had six minutes to act out the play, which was totally improvised. Winning this tournament allows the students to go to global competitions.